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Material : Nylon (Natural)
Used to mark cable bundles for permanent indentification.
Secured with cable ties extensively from CT-075 to CT-200 in varity of ways.



Stick to wire for permanent identification.
Used extensively for cable diameters after or before terminal is attached.
Cloth type label.
For your orders, please specify solid or consective and what letter (S), number (S) you need.

For example:
Solid : WM-1 1, 2, A, B . 10 pcs each.
Consective : WM-1 0-9, A-Z . 10 pcs each.




Marker tongue spans to fit various cable diameters and retracts to hold wire firmly in position.
Maximum service temperature : 85°C
MATERIAL : Made of finest soft grade, strong, durable P.V.C. that will resist oil, grease, acid, abrasion and chemicals.


EC type cable marker features high quality flexible interior to fit various cable diameters.
The markers stay attached on a roller and can be despatched easily when needed.
Bold print on yellow body to show your codes distinguishly. Any numbers can be composed by arranging letters and numbers in sequence to provide the necessary codes.
To be fitted before the terminal is attached or solder connection made and grip cables firmly in position.



NYLON 66 PLATE with cable tie fastening hole to accommodate marker pieces for easy indentification of cable runs.




GM CABLE MAKER with its unique oval shape design provide

Slip over cable directly (for small cable)

Slip onto maker strip (for larger cable or cable bundles)


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