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Material: Nylon(Black)
SNAP BUSHING smooth and insulate your raw-edged holes in metal chassis
Locking into hole firmly with fingertip pressure.
Protect electrical cables, ropes, utility lines through metal holes.
Available in application for chassis thickness from 0.8 mm to 3.2 mm



1. P.E. Extruded movable bushing.
2. 10M per roll packed in a plastic bag.
3. Cut to fill any hole size for protecting cords, wires, cables against damage from sharp panel edges.


Available upon request
Also available in moulded PE bushing.
25 cm per piece and 40pcs packed per bag.
For your order, please specify MOULDED MOVABLE BUSHING.
Otherwise, will be treated as standard ones.



Manufactured from soft pvc (black)
Interior diameter of each gland is available in three sizes A,B,C
Cut unnecessary part (s) away to fit your different cable diameters.


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